27 Mar 2018

Herval's Case

Traditional modeling was the process most frequently used by Herval in the development of prototypes of the company's line of chairs. Since 3D printing was adopted, a lot has changed.

"Before using 3D printing, we had to stop some production machines exclusively to make the prototypes. And this process involved the creation of several models, as many requests for alterations were requested, such as the height and the design of the chair itself. "
Emanuel Henzel, Herval Product Application Management Coordinator

According to Henzel, the process was time-consuming, involving several people and production needed to be stopped to manufacture the prototypes of the new Herval product lines. 3D printing technology has emerged as the solution to this impasse. Initially, the company found the investment very high, since the equipment was still new in Brazil, some were foreign and in the case of maintenance, there would be a great cost for the company. After researching the options in 3D printers, Herval then decided to bet on the model of Cliever, a national company that stood out in the 3D printing segment. Since November 2015, Herval has the Cliever Cl2 Plus model for printing prototypes of the company's line of chairs.

Since then, the costs
with this process
reduced about 40%

"We won in time, with a reduction of 50% in total hours in this process, there are fewer people involved in this stage and the cost-benefit was very worthwhile. Now there are basically three people who follow the printing process. And the productive machinery is out of the way, which is an extraordinary gain for all of us, "celebrates Henzel.

Since 3D printing was adopted by the company, the more complex models of chairs go through the process of prototyping in the 3D printer and currently more than 10 models of chair have already reached the market by this route. "We use PLA filaments in white and black to make the prototypes. The models are so sturdy that we can even sit on the printed chairs, "says Henzel. Now, the company is studying to use the 3D printer also in the manufacture of models for HLAR, company of Herval Group that works in the civil construction segment.
Check out some images of using Cliever 3D printers in Herval product development:


Cliever Hightlights